Our 2011 Endorsed Candidates

Elections 2011 are underway

We have 4 Candidates that have been endorsed by the Ballston Democratic Committee to represent all the people of Ballston.

Meet the Candidates

Our Town Supervisor Patti Southworth will be running for re-election. Her commitment to the job has provided the town of Ballston with our 1st Full-Time Supervisor. Her leadership is on partisan and she represents all Residents regardless of party affiliation. She has proudly represented out town in Saratoga County and asks for your support in October for the Primary and in November for the general election.

For Town Council we have chosen to Support Paul Simpson and Bruce Hogan.

Paul has been a regular attendee of town meetings for many years and cares deeply about preserving our great way of life in the town of Ballston. His attendance at these meetings makes him not only knowledgeable about our town but about the issues that the town has faced internally with the town officials.

Bruce Hogan is an Independent voice who shares our concerns with the way the town needs to go to preserve our great community and would make an excellent addition to our town board.

Robert Ogle is running for Town Clerk, Muriel is retiring and we really need someone who can work with and support our supervisor properly. Make sure she gets her calls and notices to ensure keep doing business in the best interest of the town.

About ballstondems

Welcome to the website for the Ballston NY Democrats. We are an energetic, inclusive group focused on smart growth, responsiveness of government to the public, and building community involvement in our town's future. We invite you to explore this website for information about our activities, other local organizations, and efforts at the county, state, and national levels to support initiatives that are important to everyone who values equality, investing in our future, and responsible government.
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