Sept 13th 2011 Primary

We endorsed Patti Southworth for supervisor but the County Democrats have forced a primary. Please get out and vote and write in Patti Southworth to represent our Town. Her Republican opponent is attempting to take this line. That is unacceptable.

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Our 2011 Endorsed Candidates

Elections 2011 are underway

We have 4 Candidates that have been endorsed by the Ballston Democratic Committee to represent all the people of Ballston.

Meet the Candidates

Our Town Supervisor Patti Southworth will be running for re-election. Her commitment to the job has provided the town of Ballston with our 1st Full-Time Supervisor. Her leadership is on partisan and she represents all Residents regardless of party affiliation. She has proudly represented out town in Saratoga County and asks for your support in October for the Primary and in November for the general election.

For Town Council we have chosen to Support Paul Simpson and Bruce Hogan.

Paul has been a regular attendee of town meetings for many years and cares deeply about preserving our great way of life in the town of Ballston. His attendance at these meetings makes him not only knowledgeable about our town but about the issues that the town has faced internally with the town officials.

Bruce Hogan is an Independent voice who shares our concerns with the way the town needs to go to preserve our great community and would make an excellent addition to our town board.

Robert Ogle is running for Town Clerk, Muriel is retiring and we really need someone who can work with and support our supervisor properly. Make sure she gets her calls and notices to ensure keep doing business in the best interest of the town.

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Patti Southworth to run for a 3rd term in Ballston

For Release March 21, 2011

Ballston Supervisor Patti Southworth will seek re-election
Patti Southworth, an Independence Party member, running for third term
Supervisor Patti Southworth will be running for re-election onNovember 8. Southworth is running for a third term in order to continue workingto secure the economic stability of the town. She is committed to continuing tostimulate economic growth and improving the quality of life for Ballston’sresidents while keeping the town highway tax and town tax free. Southworth hasworked to bring new businesses to town (including Sensa) and there are plans inthe pipeline to bring on additional businesses. Southworth is dedicated to seeingthrough to completion the work currently in progress regarding the FarmlandProtection Plan, which will allow active farming to remain in Ballston, preservinglocal businesses and the rural character of the town.During her years in office, Southworth has found new ways to streamline townbusiness, making it cheaper and more efficient for the town to continue doingwhat it’s done all along. This May, Town Hall will become a Meals-On-Wheelsdistribution site. This will bring food to homebound residents, and open up TownHall, allowing it to serve the function of a community meal center for Ballstonseniors. Under Southworth’s tenure, Town Hall has also become an inclementweather and emergency shelter for residents, providing a place to get warm andreceive water in times of need. All this has been done at no cost to the residents.Southworth has given you more – at no extra cost.Southworth has opened up the lines of communication between residents andtown officials. She was instrumental in the development of the new town website,a vehicle, which allows residents to be more connected and to have more inputinto town business. From her first day in office, Southworth has been devotedto making herself available to residents at all times, not just via her town emailand office phone, but by distributing her personal cell phone number – 518-441-6548 – so residents can reach her outside of business hours.
Contact Information:
Patti SouthworthSupervisor,
Town of Ballston441-6548
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Absentee Ballots

Ballston Dems logo If you will not be available to vote in November you should apply for an absentee ballot so your vote will count. The first step to vote by absentee ballot is to get an application for an absentee ballot.  Download it at or click on the link on this page. Any person who is expected to be out of town may vote by an absentee ballot.  This includes members of the military, family members on vacation or away on business, college students attending college out of the area.

1. ALL REGISTERED voters must fill out in full the statement on the front of this form and personally sign it (unless physically unable to do so).

2. Mail or deliver this application to the Board of Elections not later than seven (7) days before such election: provided, however, that such application by a qualified voter whose illness or physical disability shall commence on a day following the tenth day before such election may be received by the board of elections not later than the day preceding such election.

3. Any voter who may be unavoidably absent on the day of election may deliver application IN PERSON to the Board of Election not later than the day preceding such election. Sec. 8-400.2(c).

4. Unless you have applied for an absentee ballot as a permanently disabled person, this application is good ONLY for the primary, special or general election to which it specifically pertains. You must, unless permanently disabled, RENEW your application for each primary, special or general election if you are still eligible to vote absentee.


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Welcome Ballston Residents

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Bringing our citizens Open Government – Smart Growth – Reducing Town Fees – Serving Residents Not Big Business or Outside Campaign Contributors

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